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DevOps Implementation and Business Transition - Identification of Critical Success Factors

Art der Arbeit:
Bachelorarbeit Wirtschaftsinformatik
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    In many organisations the core value is now being delivered through software. For decades, software was planned/designed, developed and delivered following a rather stable, pre-defined steps. However, the competitive landscape and ever changing requirements, demand higher speed and more flexibility in the way software is delivered. Those features, i.e., among others, increased speed and stability while still delivering value to an enterprise and its customers, are in focus of DevOps, a software development and delivery approach. As the DevOps approach is considered to come of age, the aim of this bachelor thesis is to, based on the literature study, identify main obstacles and main critical success factors (CSFs) of DevOpS implementation and DevOps-based business transition. After proposing a classification of identified CSFs, the bachelor student should also identify possible countermeasures as well as formulate recommendations aiming at increasing the probability of successful DevOps implementation.