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Language-Based Approach for Generating Interactive Applications from Object Models

Art der Arbeit:
Masterarbeit Wirtschaftsinformatik
    Abgeschlossene Arbeit
    Prof. Dr. Ulrich Frank


    Manual development of user interfaces requires effort and is error prone. In this thesis, an approach for generating interactive applications from object models is presented. An interactiveapplication is characterized by three aspects: First, the application is capable of presenting data to a user. Second, a user can interact (i.e., call functions) using the application. Third, the application is context-dependent, i.e., the application can adapt to the environment. In the context of this thesis, an object model is understood as a model which contains both the data structure and the business logic of a company. Forgenerating interactive applications, this approach facilitates a domain-specific modelling language (DSML) and three process models. The DSML serves for modelling the interactive application. The three process models guide the development and the generation of the interactive applications. Furthermore, the presented approach considers also the execution of the generated interactive applications.