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Agility and Business Process Modeling - A Critical Review of Models, Methods and Applications

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Bachelorarbeit Wirtschaftsinformatik
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    Agility and being agile is considered to be a core imperative for enterprises’ success. Being agile is considered to increasingly depend on enterprise’s ability to set up new business processes or to modify existing ones in a dynamic manner, and rapidly adapt its information systems to these process changes. Taking into account the characteristics of agile methods it seems reasonable to assume that agile principles might be useful in Business Process Modeling, too. Thus, the main aim of this thesis is to investigate the eligibility of agile principles and agile methods in the business process modeling field based on the critical analysis of the literature and analysis of available application scenarios. Among others, a question should be answered when the application of agile methods in business process modelling makes sense, as well as what are the resulting benefits and challenges. Also the available tool support should be considered.


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