Job Offerings

Research Fellows

  • Is scientific research both fun and rewarding for you?
  • Would you like to develop your academic skills in Information Systems working in challenging projects where you are part of a highly motivated cross-disciplinary team?
  • Would you like to work in an attractive location?
  • Are you ambitious and you are interested either in an academic career or in obtaining an outstanding position in business?

If your answer to all four questions is "yes" , we are interested in talking to you.

Our Expectations

You hold a Masters degree or a university Diploma in Information Systems, Computer Science or Business and Administration - with above average grades. You are able and willing to work independently, and at the same time a team player. Your written English is of a very high standard.


Our research takes place on a global scale. We cooperate (and compete) with research groups around the world. Therefore we publish in English whenever possible. The members of our team participate in international conferences on a regular basis - Lisbon, Toronto and Maui await!

To emphasize our international orientation, we offer courses that are (partly) taught in English. Every research assistant in our group will get the opportunity to spend a substantial amount of time at a foreign university.


If you are interested in becoming a member of our team, please contact Ulrich Frank.

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Research Assistants

  • During your doctorate, your enthusiasm for scientific research has further grown?
  • You would like to develop your scientific competence in interesting research projects in a dedicated, interdisciplinary team in an attractive location?
  • Not only are you interested in better understanding and understanding the use of information technology, you are also enthusiastic about how we can create new design options for the world of tomorrow?
  • You want to be one of those who support the digital transformation competently and responsibly?
  • You are looking forward to a worldwide collaboration with dedicated researchers at partner universities?

If you can answer all questions without hesitation with "yes", you should read on.

What we expect:

You have completed your doctorate with a dissertation in business informatics, computer science or business administration (preferably with a focus on business informatics) with above-average success and are aiming for a habilitation. The intensive examination of challenging literature is not a burden, but a pleasure. You are not satisfied with superficial answers, but want to get to the bottom of things. You are able to work independently and at the same time enjoy learning together in a team and assuming project responsibility. You are fluent in German and English.

What you can expect:

The work in our team takes place in an open, transdisciplinary atmosphere and is supported by a common enthusiasm for research and teaching. Our research is focused on central issues of the digitization of organizations. For this purpose we deal with fundamental software-technical concepts of the design of information systems as well as with economic, sociological and psychological aspects of the change of organizations through information technologies. In particular, our research is focused on theories, methods and tools that support the successful management of the digital transformation. To this end, we focus primarily on conceptual modelling as the basis for integrated and adaptable information systems. In addition, we investigate the possibilities and limits of inductive procedures in AI systems - both from a software engineering and an epistemological perspective.

Our work covers a wide range of challenging topics, which offer you excellent opportunities to further develop your scientific competence. Our research takes place in a global environment. We cooperate (and compete) with leading research groups around the world. The members of our group regularly participate in international conferences. In addition, interested employees have the opportunity to spend a longer research period at one of our partner universities abroad. Your habilitation project will be supported by a great deal of freedom for your research and regular colloquia.

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