Thu, 23. Jun. 2022   Thoene, Reinhard

Donation from Oracle for research on Multi-Level Modeling

Oracle has donated $158,000 to the chair to support research into multi-level modeling. The multi-level language architecture developed at the chair in cooperation with Prof. Clark from Aston University Birmingham and the associated tool XModelerML enable any number of classification levels of both modeling and programming languages. In addition, models and programs are based on the same representation.
Therefore, models are executable and the annoying and error-prone synchronization of models and code is no longer necessary. In addition, the language architecture supports the integration of heterogeneous models and languages ​​much more efficiently than traditional language architectures. Among other things, this enables communication between software agents that operate with different DSMLs. Oracle is particularly interested in how multi-level language architectures support the specification, implementation, and maintenance of DSMLs in distributed systems.