Wed, 22. Sep. 2021   Mario Nolte

Four presentations at 8th MULTI Workshop

The conference series Models is the leading international conference in the field of modeling software systems.
In the context of this conference the workshop MULTI has been taking place for several years.
It is the central platform of an international community of scientists who are researching a new paradigm of conceptual modeling and software development.
The “Models 2021” was supposed to take place in Fukuoka this year, but due to the pandemic it will be conducted virtually only.
The presentations during the 8th “MULTI” workshop are:

  • Unifying multi-level modeling: A position paper (Ulrich Frank, jointly with Manfred Jeusfeld)
  • Prolegomena of a Multi-Level Modeling Method. Illustrated with the FMMLx (Ulrich Frank)
  • Towards an Empirical Perspective on Multi-Level Modeling and a Comparison with Conventional Meta Modeling (Sybren de Kinderen, Monika Kaczmarek-Heß and Kristina Rosenthal)
  • Associations in Multi-Level-Modelling: Motivation, Conceptualization, Modelling Guidelines, and Implications for Model Management (Daniel Töpel)