Thu, 02. Jan. 2020   Ulrich Frank

Tutorial on Multi-Level Modelling on Feb. 19th 2020 in Vienna

Tony Clark and Ulrich Frank will give a tutorial on "Multi-level Modelling with the FMMLx and the XModelerML". The tutorial takes place within the conference "Modellierung 2020".

Multilevel modelling is a new modelling paradigm that enables additional abstraction through an unlimited number of classification levels and thus contributes to reuse, integration and flexibility. The XModeler is a language engineering tool that allows for the common representation of (meta) models and code. The multi-level modelling and execution language FMMLx is implemented in the XModeler by extending its genuine meta model. This tutorial provides a comprehensive introduction into the foundations of multi-level modelling and its application. It will be shown how multi-level modelling enables relaxing fundamental conflicts of system design. During a practical exercise with the XModelerML, the participants will experience a new style of modelling that integrates language design with traditional ways of modelling. The tutorial is based on the project LE4MM.