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A Modelling Method for the Design and Management of Course Material

  • Master Thesis Business Information Systems



The preparation of course material is a laborious task. Often, it is aimed at the creation of a sequence of slides. Such an approach, however, is unsatisfactory for various reasons. It does not account for the fact that different students may need different course materials. It is restricted to a sequence of pages including text or graphics (videos are possible, too, but are still rarely used). Furthermore, reuse is mainly restricted to copy&paste. As a consequence, this approach is not suited to create material for supporting more efficient ways of teaching and learning. In addition to that, the effort for maintaining course material is extensive.

This thesis aims at the development of a modelling method that fosters the design and management of material for university courses. For this purpose, new, individualized and interactive forms for course material need to be analyzed in order to identify relevant requirements the targeted method should satisfy. The method itself consists of a domain-specific modelling language (DSML) and a corresponding process model. In an ideal case, the DSML will be implemented with a meta-modelling tool.