Method Engineering

Complex projects demand the deployment of appropriate methods. A method is composed of a more or less detailed structure of a problem domain and a corresponding process model that guides the use of the structure. The structure can be provided as a problem-specific modelling language.

The better the concepts of a method are suited to structuring a problem domain for a certain purpose, the better is its contribution to effective and efficient project management. For this reason, general-purpose modelling languages such as the ERM or the UML are often unsatisfactory. In order to provide more convenient support, we develop specific modelling methods for particular problem types. For this purpose, we usually extend or modify the languages and process models included in MEMO. The methods, we have engineered so far, include a method for business continuity management and a method to design infrastructures for e-commerce.

Due to the complexity of some modelling languages, the selection of modelling methods requires a substantial effort and is accompanied by considerable risk. To help overcome these challenges, we develop and test frameworks that support the evaluation of modelling languages and methods.




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