Workflow Management Systems

Usually, traditional business application systems focus on particular functions (e. g. accounting, stock management, sales etc.). Therefore, they offer only limited support for business processes, which require the dynamic integration of a number of business functions. In contrast to traditional systems, workflow management systems (WMS) provide effective support for managing and controlling business processes. With the ever increasing relevance of the internet for business transactions, WMS become even more important: In order to exploit the potential offered by the internet, it is often required to re-structure former ways of doing business by designing new, cross-organizational processes with a high degree of computer support.

Deploying WMS requires modelling thoroughly corresponding business processes. Subsequently, these process models have to be transformed to appropriate formal specification or implementation languages. For this purpose, declarative languages to specify workflow schemata are of particular relevance. Our research is aimed at the development of transformations that allow for generating workflow schemata from business process models and corresponding resource models. Such a transformation has been developed and tested within the ECOMOD project.