Language Engineering for Multilevel Modelling (LE4MM)

Research project



Professor Dr. Tony Clark, (Project Manager, Aston University)


Involved persons:


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Frank (Project Manager, UDE)
Dr. Jens Gulden (Team member, UDE)
Dipl. Inf. Daniel Töpel (Team member, UDE)
M. Sc. Björn Benner (Former Team member, UDE)




running (since 2013-09-01)




Multi-Perspective Enterprise Modelling (MEMO)
Enterprise Modelling



Currently, most meta-modelling environments used for defining DSMLs are based on the rigid MOF architecture, which poses serious limitations both on the expressiveness of languages and the integration of a software system with its conceptual foundation. The XMF/XModeler toolset is an integrated technology for constructing models and modelling languages which can be used in a wide range of system engineering applications. This project is conducted together with Prof. Tony Clark, Middlesex University London, one of the inventors of XMF. In the project we aim at the development of a multilevel modelling and programming environment that is based on XMF. Among other things it enables a common representation of models and code. The respective language architecture facilitates the realisation of advanced future ERP systems that are integrated with respective enterprise models at run time and that feature a level of flexibility that is clearly above that of today's ERP systems.

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